Auctions will close tonight…

Posted on April 4, 2011


All of the auctions end sometime tonight so don’t forget to check them out before they’re gone! Also, for everyone person who wins an auction, you get a free commission from me. Details are at the bottom of the linked page.

I want to personally thank every artist who donated and each visitor that bought a piece from us. You’ve helped to make this a very successful auction so far! This money is going for the very best of causes and it truly makes my heart burst with joy that each of you have helped me (and really, all of you) touch the lives of people who are in desperate need of assistance.

I wanted to take a moment to mention that if you came to visit and thought about donating, but didn’t, please check out these other wonderful places. Japan needs our help, they’re desperately fighting to survive and we need to do everything we can to help them.

Operation-Reiki is another community charity auction. They take the top three highest bidders and have them donate to the Japanese Red Cross. They top three bidders then show a screen shot of the confirmation page and they win a “pool” of several prizes. They got so many art donations that they’ve broken the auctions into lots. Read through their page for all the details, but its pretty straight forward.

Time News Feed, Gear Diary, and Yahoo’s 7 News all did excellent articles on more traditional donation methods, listing different charities and what specifically they do to help the relief effort. If you are worried about working with a few kids who just put an auction together over a few days, like me, then take a look at these articles. Many of the charities they’ve mentioned have been around for many years and have an excellent track record. Even if you just donated $5 to one of these charities it makes such a big difference because it all adds up!

There are a few loose ends I still need to tie up, but I will have the total donations tallied and up fr everyone to see by Wednesday hopefully. I’m so proud of everyone for helping out! Thanks so much guys! We really did a great job!



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