Artist Spotlight: Amelius

Posted on March 24, 2011



I met Amelius (Amy Stroffolino) online a long time ago. She runs a fantastic webcomic called Charby the Vampirate over on Drunk Duck. She writes fabulous, intricate stories and juggles a huge cast, but never loses track of anyone and keeps everything fresh and new. She is one of the most amazing, friendly people I’ve had the honor to meet online. I’ve also been friends with her husband Evil Emperor Nick.  When she works on a project with Nick they show an excellent comedic rhythm that’s every bit a joy to read and I’ve been fortunate enough to see her art grow over time as I read through the archives of her work. She’s gotten to the point now where every time she puts something new online, she inspires me to draw more, to draw better. Despite her wonderful achievements, she doesn’t let it all run to her head. She’s still one of the most kind, humble people I know with her own code of honor.

Amy was generous enough to offer three different poster sized digital prints for us to sell for charity. One of them is an exclusive poster that hasn’t been seen anywhere else before! She’s even been spreading the word about our cause on her DeviantArt journal.

Rules of Use: Amelius is very generous. If you buy any of these images from us, you have her permission of it to use as many copies as you like for whatever you want as long as you’re not “profiting” from it. So please don’t go setting up a cafe-press shop for the public or anything like that. However, if you want to print it onto a poster for your own use or whatever that’s fine. If you use it online, please make a note somewhere near the image that its copyrighted to Amy Stroffolino.

My blog may have cropped some of these images to fit. You will be able to view the full image when the auction page goes live.

Donation 1

Donation 2

Never before seen!

Donation 3

As you can see Amy does some excellent work. If you would like to purchase any of these poster’s with 100% of the coast going to help the Earthquake and Tsunami victims in Japan, please come back and visit our auctions taking place this weekend the 25th-27th. There will be a full page all about the auctions posted as soon as they go live.

Amy updates her webcomic Charby the Vampirate (CtV) on a regular basis. She also has one called Unlife is Unfair (UiU), which updates as she has time. I first found her through UiU a long time ago and fell in love with her cute zombie character Fernando.

If you enjoyed Amy’s work and would like to see more or support her artistic endeavors, please visit the links below:

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