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Posted on March 17, 2011


With safe food and water running short we are doing our best to meet their needs. Our first auction will be held March 25th-27th.

NEWS FLASH! Information on this page was recently heavily revised as we worked out a way to best host our auctions. Please read through to make sure you’re up to date on all the info you need!

There are two types of auction; Lot and Individual.

Lot Auctions will be hosted on eBay. Only the highest bidder is awarded the item. Links to each auction will be on the Lot Auction page and each artist and donation in the lot will be listed for you to see. (With the exception of bonus items.) Things to know:

  • You need an eBay account to bid. Make sure to register and have up to day payment information on your account.
  • Each auction only accepts pay pal as a form of payment. Make sure to register/update your paypal information.
  • Each auction is created using eBay Giving Works. Every auction is preset to give 100% of the sale price straight to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund -a Global Giving Project on eBay. You can find access to hundreds of other auctions also donating between 10%-100% so read each page carefully if you check out auctions not affiliated with Together We HeART.
  • If you purchase a digital copy of an image, please send the payment within the first three days. Once payment is collected you will be contacted with the artists contact information to retrieve the image or sent the file directly from Together We HeART. (Each auction will provide full details about the nature of the image as well as how you will receive the image.)
  • If you purchase a digital commission from an artist, once the payment is received you will be contacted with the artist’s information. Simply contact the artist and you can go over all the details together.
  • If you purchase a craft item, once the payment is received the artist will be sent your shipping information and ship the item within 1 business week.

Individual Auctions will be hosted on eBay for in demand digital prints, extra commission slots, and for those digital prints in which the artist has given me permission to sell more than one copy of. It is sort of a misnomer because some auctions may be selling more than one specific print, but these are broken up into smaller groups of like “items”. Think of them as a mix between a “Featured Item” and a “Grab Bag”.

Please email if you have any questions about how anything words. Just put QUESTION in the title.

Together We HeART’s community art auction officially began on March 12th after Snevilly first heard about the disaster. Since then she’s been working nonstop to collect artists to donate and spread the word about the auction, as well as ways to donate to many charities by phone or net. As we continually strive to stay up to date on the situation, information will be as up to date as possible. Check back frequently to make sure you’re aware of updates.

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